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Raising the Nishan Sahib

by SS Siri Bandhu Kaur Khalsa, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada Summer 2018 The day was overcast and overly cold, when the phone rang. “Auntiji, can you do me a favour?” Hmmm, now who was this fine young voice I didn’t recognize,
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Embraced by God’s Love

by SS SatSangeet Kaur Khalsa, Espanola, NM Fall 2014 In late July 2013, I heard the news that Rajinder Kaur from Taos had been diagnosed and had surgery for ovarian cancer. This came as a surprise, as I had seen
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Guru Nanak’s Marriage

by MSS Livtar Singh Khalsa, Atlanta GA Spring 2009 And then they fell deeply in love, got married, and lived happily ever after. Well, that could happen. But usually, life and marriage are a constant challenge. Guru Nanak’s story is
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