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New Minister Candidate Recommendation Form

(Revised 8.2020)

Dear Sikh Dharma International Minister:

You have been asked to complete this recommendation form in support of a New Minister Candidate. Thank you for being a part of this special Panj of Ministers for this individual’s process of becoming a Sikh Dharma International Minister.

Note:  In order to provide this recommendation, you must be a Minister in Good Standing, fulfilling all annual renewal requirements to date. If you are Not Current in your renewal process, please contact [email protected] to verify and update your Minister status.

The Candidate Approval Group is highly dependent on your responses to the questions in this recommendation. Please answer each question as thoroughly as you can (use as much room as needed). Please refrain from showing your responses to the candidate directly. With your signed permission, your responses will be utilized during the Candidate Interview process.

Thank you for taking the time to respond thoughtfully and completely to the Minister Recommendation questions below.

Note: This form will allow you to fill in the questions and then sign it electronically and submit it to us directly. We suggest that you type out the answers to the questions in a Word document and then transfer the answers into the form. Please be sure that all field boxes are filled in or you will not be able to sign the form. 

Section I:

Recommender Contact Information

Candidate Contact Information


NOTE: The following questions are essential to the New Minister Candidate review and approval process. Your input is critical as it helps the Candidate Approval Group to understand this individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth. Your thoughtful replies are vital to this process. Please answer each of these questions as thoroughly as you can (use as much space as needed, but at least one paragraph answer per question is requested.)  

Question 1: What is your relationship with this person (in what capacity have you known them and for how long)?

Question 2: What has this person been doing in their sangats, communities, or world at large that qualifies him or her to be considered for the role of a Sikh Dharma International Minister? Please give examples.

Question 3: We have found that the following types of qualities support the role of individuals serving as Sikh Dharma International Ministers. 

  • Dharmic Qualities (relationship with Guru, Sangat and the Siri Singh Sahib; committed to Sikh Dharma International values and practices; lives as a Khalsa on a daily basis; surrenders to the Guru's will; devotion to the path of Sikh Dharma)
  • Leadership Qualities (capacity for selfless service and sacrifice, spiritual maturity, maintains a daily spiritual practice)
  • Meditative Qualities (inner silence/shuniaa, meditative mind, neutrality, reverence, embodies sacredness)
  • Personal Qualities (compassionate, noble, radiant, loving, kind, respectful, graceful)
  • Character Qualities (humble, self-contained, patient, spirit of Cherdhi Kala)

Please share examples and/or stories from each of the above categories about this candidate that you believe indicate their readiness to serve as a Sikh Dharma International Minister.

Question 4: What unique gifts, strengths, and professional or other skills does this person bring to the calling of being a Sikh Dharma International Minister? Please give examples. 

Question 5: What Sikh Dharma competencies and skills does this person presently have? (Demonstrates a knowledge of and/or the ability to teach and share about gurdwara protocols and ceremonies, peer counseling, Gurmukhi, kirtan, community involvement, interfaith, Sikh history, langar prep, etc.). 

Question 6: Please comment on the candidate’s commitment to the Sikh lifestyle as reflected through their communication, dress, service, and meditative mind (Bani, Bana, Seva and Simran). 

Question 7: What are this person’s challenge areas and are there any areas of further development that you believe the candidate needs to strengthen before becoming a Sikh Dharma International Minister? How do you recommend this person address these areas of development?

Question 8: A Sikh Dharma International Minister must embody a certain consciousness and character as reflected in the Sikh Dharma International Minister vows. Are there any specific concerns that you have about this candidate? If so, please explain here or contact the Office of the Secretary of Religion to discuss.


In addition to the questions in Section II, we request you provide additional information that would further enhance our understanding of this candidate in relationship to their becoming an ordained Sikh Dharma International Minister. Please let us know anything else about this candidate that would help us to review their ability to serve in this capacity.  (*Use as much space as needed to respond thoroughly to this section.)


Please refrain from showing your responses to the Minister candidate directly. Some of your responses may be utilized during the candidate interview process. It is very powerful for a Minister candidate to hear five different recommender’s perceptions about them with regard to becoming a Minister.

Instructions: Please check one of the boxes below to indicate your willingness to allow us to share your responses with the candidate. This section is required.


I,   hereby submit my recommendation for .  I affirm that all the information in this recommendation is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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