"There is no identity for you, except your spiritual identity. There is no objective but to learn. There is no achievement other than to be learned. There is no power but to share what you have learned with all and everyone."—The Siri Singh Sahib

  Ministry Newsletter 

In 2017, we relate to the Tenth Guru, the Radiant Body and the Four Pillars of Bana, Seva, Bani and Simran. Please enjoy our quarterly Ministry newsletters. 

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Becoming a Minister


In 1971, the Siri Singh Sahib created the Sikh Dharma Ministry in the West. Learn more about the process to become a Sikh Dharma Minister Candidate. 

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The Master’s Robes


“The day came when Siri Singh Sahibji  asked me to make him a Mahan Tantric robe. He sat down at the table, asked for some drawing paper and pencils and he began to draw, explaining as he went along.”

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